The Council

Your Parish Council is a small local authority and has 5 unpaid Councillors, who usually serve a 4 year term, the current Councillors are now serving until May 2025. The Parish Councillors know and live in the village and represent its views to other authorities.

Old Denaby Parish Council aims to maintain a close relationship with the local community; the public are encouraged to be observers at the council meetings and to attend our regular public meetings.

Old Denaby Parish Council has 6 meetings a year, held bi-monthly at the Manor Farm Public House, usually in the function room. The Annual Meeting is held in May during which the Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected.

The dates and details of all the meetings are displayed on the Parish notice board in the village and on the website.

Old Denaby Parish Council receive no general government grant (unlike Borough Councils) so raise the majority of their income from a precept, a small tax that is levied on all properties within the village as part of the council tax.

A Parish Council’s expenditure must be made in accordance with Acts of Parliament. The accounts must be made public and they are audited in accordance with the law.

Planning, highways, transport and traffic, street lighting, litter, seating and shelters, rights of way are some of the issues that concern Parish Councils although the responsibility for looking after most of those rests with Doncaster Council in our area. Central Government is encouraging local councils to play a greater part in their communities.

  • A council must do what the law requires it to do
  • A council may do only what the law says it may do
  • A council cannot do anything unless permitted by legislation

The Council is entitled to be consulted on planning applications and to put the Parish’s case to public inquiries. It is always lobbying for improvements in highways and road safety, etc.

Manor Farm Public House